Sweet Serial Killer...
By silent-specter
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❝You know I love the thrill of the rush; I love you just a little too much.❞ ♜ ♜ ♜ Levi is a psychotic killer, and Eren is the reason why. Eren Yeager never expected to be loved romantically by anyone, yet alone like them back, but when Levi Ackerman suddenly makes a prominent appearance in his life after the death of a friend, he soon discovers emotions he's never felt before. But unknown to him, Levi is hiding grave secrets. He would do anything for Eren, and he would stop at nothing to make the brunette his. Yet what would happen if Eren were to discover Levi's true thoughts and feelings? What he did, and is doing? Trouble unfurls, and Eren is caught in the middle of it. But he can't deny that he loves Levi. Falling for a serial killer is horrible, but Eren can't shake his feelings. Levi had seemed so sweet . . . [ LEVI X EREN RIREN/ERERI AU. INSPIRED BY THE SONG ❛sweet serial killer❜ BY LANA DEL RAY. ]


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Sweet Ser...
by silent-specter