I Feel Worthless
By patrick____
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I feel worthless most of the time. Do you ever feel that way? This is my quest to figure out why and what to do about it. Ride this roller coaster of emotions with me, from the depths of deep despair and feelings of utter failure to the heights of a hopeful future. I hope to one day consistently and permanently change my outlook - my mindset and my inner voice - so I can live a happy fulfilled life. If that sounds like something you want too, I invite you to come along with me on this journey. I can't guarantee any easy answers, but I hope to ask the right questions. In my experience on this planet, ignoring things rarely makes them go away. So I choose to confront even the most difficult internal questions about myself in an effort to live my life to the fullest, or at least quit feeling bad about myself all of the time. I invite you to do the same in your life and ask some hard questions of yourself. Here's the chapters I plan to write at this time (I'll update this list as things change): What's Wrong With Me? Why I Wrote This Feeling Worthless (Why do I Ruin Everything?) Perception vs Reality Heart vs Head Anxiety (Why Do I Always Worry) Addictions (used to feel so good) Divorce (hurts) Suicide (Why Should I Live?) Self-talk (Why is that Voice Inside My Head so Critical?) Mindset (how do I change it?) Subconscious (How do I control it?) Law of Attraction (How do I get what I want?) You Are Not Broken (Why none of Us Is Broken) Solutions Joy In Life And as with my other books, much thanks to @_MaeBae_4 for making such inspiring and intense covers! Check her out - her designs are fantastic and her stories are well worth the read.

What's Wrong With Me?

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I Feel Wo...
by patrick____