Crush x Reader One...
By bluey_9
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This book is pretty much just scenarios (one-shots) with you and your crush that are also referred to as "Imagines" If you don't know what a one-shot/imagine type of thing is: Every chapter will be a new scenario between you and your crush. So it is not just one plot throughout all the parts. (Sometimes there may be part 2's and 3's of certain chapters which will be stated in the title of the part) The scenarios can vary from being school students to spies in an organization and even to vampires. It really is just anything you or I can imagine, hence the name "Imagines" and "One-Shots". Keep in mind, other authors may do this for other fanfictions so it is not just exclusively used for CrushxReader books. I TAKE REQUESTS but no lemons/smuts. This is meant for female readers with a male crush or male readers with a female crush. If you happen to be a boy that comes across this, then you should totally request something in your perspective to help me out since I'm a girl. I don't have anything against 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ rights. It's just much easier for me as a beginner to write FemxMale and MalexFem. This may change in the future, who knows. The cover picture is mine so if you see anyone using the same picture please PRIVATE message me. [WARNING] AVERAGE WRITING AND VERY VERY CLICHE STUFF IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THIS DO NOT READ Also, there WILL be cussing but what's new? Started: 7/11/2017 (I remembered!)


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Crush x R...
by bluey_9