©Merlin's Chosen B...
By VictoriaKaer
  • Fantasy
  • dragons
  • grandcanyon
  • merlin
  • sorcerers
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Risleigh Caulfield is back, but he isn't back for Chandra, someone wants him dead, and the Ivers family are the only ones he trusts enough to ask for help. His fear that he'll hurt Chandra sends him to her son, Kennon, for help. Ken only knows the basics of what happened between Risleigh and his mother during the war with the wyvern, it's enough for him to harbor a deep hatred for the man. At his mother's insistence, he agrees to help, but he isn't happy about it. Together the two will travel a winding road to solve the mystery of who wants Risleigh dead, bad enough to summon demons to do their dirty work. Their journey takes Risleigh down memory lane, forcing him to think about all the evil he's done. Will they be able to work together to solve the mystery or will Ken's hatred overrule his desire to help as he promised his mother he would?


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by VictoriaKaer