|| Thy Bible of Hol...
By jishwa_hoeseph
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Ahahahahhah hello salutations young oyster how much do you know about me? Not much prolly ahahha. How much do you want to know about me? Not much prolly ahahaha. Lakjsjajsjajajajakss it's all right here: What you wanted to know, what you never knew you wanted to know and now you know, what you never knew you didn't want to know but ahaha now you know, and confirmation of some stuff you do know. So get out the holy water n some popcorn and slushies n stuff. This is going to be simply thrilling. That is, of course, unless you haven't read this far and have already closed the tab. Which is sad, because then you'll never get to say, "I stalked them when they were a smol lil potato!" when I get older and richer and famouser. Ahahaha read this or not I dun care ahshdjdkfkfkd bye *slams door in Beebo's face* Also hello.


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|| Thy Bi...
by jishwa_hoeseph