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*NEW UPDATE!* "Think you don't want me?" He asks, running his hand under my dress and along my inner thigh; amusement laced in his words and features, as he smirks down at me. His breath was fanning my neck, my own was held back and my muscles were paralysed. I was scared to inhale or exhale, because I didn't want to show how affected by him I really was. Truth to be told; I feared the proximity - or lack of it - between us. One inch and his lips would be on mine. One inch and his toned chest would be pressed against mine. One inch and his hand would be closer to where he wants it. "Let me show you how much you do." His fingers linger on my lacy underwear as he closes the distance between us, holding me up. ❃ ❃ ❃ Alpha Alexander - the man known for overthrowing an existing Alpha, something never done in history before by someone his age. Even though feeling fulfilled in his leadership without a mate, the sexy and mysterious young male who girls swoon over is the ultimate bliss of anyone's dreams. One look from him is something any girl would kill for. Anyone but his own mate. Kiara - the girl with a line of males after her, wants nothing more from life than freedom and independence. Just like the Alpha, she doesn't see a need to have a mate. But fate doesn't work in ways we want it to, unfortunately. In fact, quite the opposite... And by agreeing to meet Alpha Alexander, Kiara isn't looking for love like he is. She's looking for vengeance. *Book two. Even though advised, it is not absolutely necessary to read the previous before this one.* *Mature content included*

Alpha Alexander

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Alpha Ale...
by astera22