Bound by Law
By bvtterflyeffect
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Highest ranking: #9 Romance & #4 in General Fiction!!! *** Marriage is a sacred union that ties two people that love each other, together. It brings happiness and blessings. Or that's what it should be. The marriage between traditional Karishma Varghese and the cold-hearted Jai Agarwal was anything but happy or filled with blessings. They were both bound by law, not by love, due to horrible circumstances. Being polar opposites, they struggle with the feelings of hate they have towards each other and what they think is a loveless marriage, holding deep, dark secrets, capable of ruining everything. Nevertheless, those very secrets and differences could be what brings these two together in the end. ❧ "Just because we're legally bound together, doesn't mean I love you." He leaned down, spitting out the next words menacingly. "And I never will." I tried to hold back the tears as his amber eyes blazed with anger. "O-okay." "Now, stay out of my fucking personal life or I won't hesitate to ruin yours." As he left, I broke down. The truth was, I never thought that someone could hate me so much that they'd look at me like they wanted to kill me. Especially not if that someone was supposed to be my husband. ❧ Credit to @IamSumayya for making this absolutely gorgeous cover! Thank you so much for taking your time to make it! ❤️ PS. Highly unedited. Don't read if you're gonna point out every single mistake.

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Bound by...
by bvtterflyeffect