Life On The Surface...
By Inkspider17
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This story has been discontinued. I'm sorry to the people who have been waiting patiently to se ethe story unfold... but I just, it's been years since I've watched Newscapepro and my spark for this story has become strained. Thank you for sticking by me if you did and I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic day. - CRINGE WARNING! I WROTE THIS STORY WHEN I HAD NO CLUE HOW TO WRITE, SO PREPARE TO CRINGE A LOT WHILE READING! - After Cory and frisk free the monsters from the underground, the humans don't take it to lightly. And when they figure out a CHILD will be the ambassador for all monsters, they go insaine. Read this story to find out the struggles of frisks role as ambassador, the attempts on her and the other monsters life, and how her relationship with Cory turns for the better..... Or for the worst. ___________________________________ I know I suck at summaries, I'm sorry. ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO NEWSCAPEPRO: PLOT BELONGS TO ME!!!

The First Sunset

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Life On T...
by Inkspider17