Staying With The Ba...
By uknown0004
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@wrestlingmanager This is seriously one of my favorite books! I love all the plot twists, and the romance in this story. Wish it had never ended. I totally recomend it X :) @pandu_444 I loved this book it was amazing @livylou62 This is one of the most amazing, and emotional books ever. It takes a lot to be a good writer and from what i can tell, this person is an amazing writer @Introvertonline This is easily my favourite book! It can come off as cliché and it does. But it has an amazing storyline and writing that is such inspiration to starter writers like myself. I love this story and you will sure be gripped! I love this story so much that I can't put it into words, but I bet this author can! @wolflover10XD This was one of my favorite books. It has more of a realistic feel. In all the book was great and you should tell others about the book. *** When Devan's parents go away on a business trip, the bad boy, Tyler young's mom - Kara - decides to take her in until her parents are back home. Welcome to a trip where the following are bound to happen: Drama heartbreak love hate fun and broken rules. Where will this very cliché story take us? Read to find out. *** Cover by @gauriwrites Highest in teen fiction: #99 Highest in humor: #56

Chapter One

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Staying W...
by uknown0004