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Him. Life wasn't easy for him in the past. He was kind and caring until he learned how the world treated us in return of kindness. He swore, swore that he would be back for revenge. He would be feared by all. No one will dare to look his way let alone defy him. He would create blood wars without batting an eyelash. The King of all Alphas. The King of all Kings. Not even the Gods above could stop him from anything. Incapable of love, and ruthless to the ones closest to him, yet dangerously possessive over something he desires. He could have any woman under his feet, but the heart wants what it wants, and the heart of the young pure soul was the only thing he could never capture. Her. She had Alpha blood running through her veins. Her ill father and younger sister never liked her so she decided to run away from home. The last thing she needed was a mate. His brother. An Alpha. Respected. Strong. Powerful. He never wanted love. He thought it will only make him weak. All that ever mattered to him was to be a good Alpha to his people, that was until, fate decided to intercede. --- "My father used to say the male wolf would know the person who we are devoted to on their 23th birthday, but now I believe it was just a myth, as I knew my angel was mine as soon as I laid my eyes on her. " "Let her be the light of my dark soul, save me from this dark abyss, stay with me, never leave me, and make my heart beat like it once had. " "They say there is always something so captivating about the forbidden that makes it uncontrollably desirable, as we unfailingly lust for the forbidden things and craves what is contradicted us. " She is fire, he is ice. Just a glimpse of her, melts his stone cold heart. Just hearing her voice, makes him breathless. Just her presence, makes him go weak. A King only bows to his Queen. One King. One Alpha. One she-wolf. Let Fate Take Its Course.


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