The Family Business...
By ree_louise
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It's been twelve years since Dean Winchester helped save the world from the Darkness, twelve years since he and Addy left hunting for good and it's been twelve years since they settled down for a normal life with their four children. But their eldest son, Harlow, doesn't want a normal life. Ever since he was brought back to life, he's felt like he hasn't completely fit into the real. He doesn't want to be a college freshman, he wants to be a hunter, like his uncles and like his parents once were. But every time he asks his parents about that life, they avoid speaking about it. What happens when Harlow decided to go off on his own and pursues the dream he wants? How will it change him? How will it affect his family? And what will happen when his parents finds out what he's really up too? 'The Family Business' is a spinoff book from the 'Reawakening' trilogy and is highly advised that they be read first. I do not own any of the characters from the CW's 'Supernatural'. But I do own my own characters and the plot that comes along with it. Copyright ree_louise.


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The Famil...
by ree_louise