30 Days [boyxboy]
By dicknity
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Two boys from different background and social status come together to- "you sure you want to do this? I mean she could destroy you within seconds. you know how her fingers work online.." "Oh don't worry I am not going to end her life that quick" In the society, popular groups of people are never allowed to hang out with losers, as known as quiet-in-class-people. It is a sin to them as interacting with a loser is as equal as losing enviousness from the whole school. Jace Grickson is one of the popular boys in school. He comes from a high quality family where he is fed well with exclusive Villeroy & Boch's spoon. Jace is loyal and respectful to his parents and friends but is only extended to certain people. Yet on the other hand, Xander Lanst is a low-key person who is not as fortunate as Jace. Living with a drug addict father and a five year old sister, life is exhausting. Nothing high quality ever existed in Xander's life until when both of them decided to team against her. Read as their 30 days plan unleash chaos between popular groups in Heighton High School.


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30 Days [...
by dicknity