The path of a Proxy
By Wicked_Darkness
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*Cover art belongs to me* Being a Proxy isn't a choice, it's forced. You may think it would be a dream come true, to eat all the cheesecake and waffles you could ever imagine, while being in a glamorous mansion. WRONG. In reality, it would be far from it. After unfortunate events and misunderstandings, Tim Wright and Brian Thomas had been taken by the Slenderman, deemed proxy worthy. They were forced to fight against their own will for their spots, loosing the small amount of sanity they had left. Now left to work for the legendary Slenderman, they wish that they had just been left dead... *Warnings and disclaimers* This story contains major spoilers to the series Marble Hornets, so if you haven't watched to series yet be aware of that. This story is a crossover of the Creepypasta and Marble Hornets universes. I do not own any of these characters. If you are a sensitive or young reader this story contains more mature subjects such as, blood, swearing, death, violence and other possibly triggering themes


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The path...
by Wicked_Darkness