Virgin Bride
By tamlaura1
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COVER MADE BY Olga_Goa Luca Mariani, a wealthy and powerful man, feared by men, every woman wants him. Being pressured by family to take a wife he comes across a woman who is abused and treated like a slave by her Uncle and cousins. Her name, Robin Potter is a young woman, dressed in loose fitting rags. Though she wore rags and her dirty appearance he sees beauty. He strikes a deal with her Uncle, not only does he buys the horses from the Potter family he also asks for her. He would make her his wife, not only save her from her family's abuse, he would also get his family off his back by marrying the poor and wild Robin. With no intentions of falling in love or bedding the woman, she would be his wife in name only. He had no desire to give up his playboy ways or his other women. But Luca was not prepared for the untamed and wild woman he would make his wife. She would end up changing him, but would it be for the better or worst. Robin will fight him in everything, she refuses to bow to his every demand and will not be broken. Nor will she let him have her body, and most important, her heart.

Chapter 1

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Virgin Br...
by tamlaura1