Him, Her and Nothin...
By curlynerd4ever
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Do you wish you could love someone? And have fallen deep enough to do so? Diana Romano Lucciano has finally escaped her past tremors. After a year or so of being flung around in the system, they have finally placed her somewhere new. Somewhere fresh. A clean break. Watch as she discovers more about herself, as she makes new friends and slowly learns to love her life. Watch as she shaped her life into something she never had. Watch as she escapes. However something seems intent on drawing her back to her demons, intent on stripping her to her soul. And that someone was Grey Finley. He wanted to escape his life and his hatred that has burned him for years. When a daunting Diana plunges into his life, he could not be helped but be drawn to the fallen angel. To see what lies behind skin. To seek her out, her desires and her secrets. Watch as he strips her completely, and watch as she lets him. Watch as they succumb to the inevitable. Together.

Log 1

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Him, Her...
by curlynerd4ever