The Alpha and The R...
By Writer616
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London was from a pack that was killed by an enemy pack. She was only seventeen when it happened. She was the only one to escape except for a small boy named Aaron. London rescues Aaron and runs from the scene of the corpses of her pack. She lives peacefully with Aaron as rogues before she stumbles into another pack's territory. Both London and Aaron are taken to the alpha of the pack. But once London and Alpha Mason meet, they realize they have found their mate. But it will be difficult to care for Aaron who is not Alpha Mason's blood. Can London be a good Luna? SNEAK PEAK "Don't you touch my pup." I snarled. "Your pup? I don't think so." The alpha chuckled. I growled and faced this alpha. Once I saw his face, I lost my breath and my words. I heard pounding footsteps behind me but I couldn't tear my eyes away. A hand wrapped around my chin and head, about to snap my neck but the alpha roared. The man who had my head stopped. "Take your hands off her. Now." He growled, making his way toward me. The man immediately removed his hands. He glared at the man as he made his way to me. "Marvelous." He whispered, stroking my cheek with his thumb.


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The Alpha...
by Writer616