Risen Dimension - O...
By docistheboss
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Sky Risa Jones' life will change the day she falls asleep while reading CL Stone's first book in the Scarab Beetle series for the millionth time. Waking up on the sidewalk in front of what looks like Disneyland was not planned at all. She doesn't know where she is and is surprised to find out that this huge amusement park of some sort is located near a very little town. This tiny town is full of people she knows pretty well, or so she thought. They don't know her because those people are supposed to only be the characters in her books. The five guys of her dreams and then some. The only problem is that a lot of things from her Academy books are different here. Even people in her world are here and very different. What is going on exactly? Why are Axel and his brothers helping her out? Why does Sang doesn't know anything about Mr. Blackbourne and his team? Why is there no Academy and most importantly, what the heck is this place and why is she there? What's more unsettling is that she will also meet The Searchers series' guys too. Yes. In the same city. What will Sky do with eleven wonderful and attractive men? Is it a competition with Sang? Who will get more boyfriends? I'm kidding. Let's just enjoy the view. ;) I do not own CL Stone's Academy series or any of her original characters. Same goes for Ripley Proserpina's The Searchers series. I just wanted to play with these awesome characters a little. ;) I am not making any money with this fanfiction.

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Risen Dim...
by docistheboss