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Kat never saw any of it coming. Not her Mother's death, not her brother's betrayal, not even the mysterious yet devilishly handsome boy she meets on the beach. Meeting a handsome boy on the beach would be a fine thing, a miracle even, if it weren't for the fact that she just tumbled miles down some churning, black hole in the ground -filled with what looked like stars- and woke up on a strange beach. The same beach where she meets the boy. Who is the boy? Well, let's just say he's no friend to Kat. He tests her physical and mental capabilities, until she no longer knows whether she's living in reality or her wildest fantasies. Because after all, magic only exists in fairytales....right? Read 'Pandemonium' if you're looking for an exciting, jaw dropping, "can't put it down" story! ~Note: I claim no copyright to any characters owned by the ABC show "Once Upon a Time" or any other references to other movies or TV shows might make. I did create Kat (+ some other characters) and the story~ Copyright 2013 © | Oncers4life | All rights reserved Enjoy!


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