From Enemy To Lover
By AmeliaLeiaWatson
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Alexia Jones is the daughter of Killian Jones (a.k.a. Captain Hook) and his long lost love, Milah who is indeed alive. Alexia is very happy living where she is with her family and friends. When she teams up with her old friends and second 'family' she is overjoyed to be with Henry again, who she treats like a younger brother. Things aren't like she hoped. Instead Henry has been kidnapped by two people who don't even know who they are working for. Her father said that they were 'working' for Peter Pan. Alexia has always been taught to hate Pan but what happens when they set out for Neverland and she falls for his good looks and charm? Will she still carry out their mission loyaly? And what happens when Milah disappears for good this time? Will Alexia accept that her mother is gone and accept Emma with her father or will she try to bring her mother back?

From Enemy To Lover [A Peter Pan Love Story]

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From Enem...
by AmeliaLeiaWatson