Life with my older...
By Alexa052104
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Lexi Ree is 15 years old, yes you may think oh how awesome you can have fun! Well not for Lexi, you see Lexi has 3 older sisters and 6 older brothers! They are all very protective of her, even tho most of them are married and don't even live with them anymore. Lexi is the youngest of all of them, let's see how she deals with another year in high school with all of her siblings watching her back. On Saturdays the entire family(including wives and husbands) have a family dinner, Lexi dreads this because all of her siblings antagonist her on her entire social life, A lot of the time those conversations go down hill do to boys.. #1 in older sisters #24 in older brothers #5 in Family #37 In overprotective #34 in overprotected

The Ree family

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Life with...
by Alexa052104