Mio Re (#3)
By reetilicious
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(BOOK 3 OF MAFIA LOVE SERIES) COMPLETED READ MIA REGINA AND ESCORT ME BABY BEFORE YOU READ THIS. This book CANNOT be read as a standalone. * The real story and rule begins now. Once you're in the mafia, death is the only way out. * "Make me hate you so that I don't fall for you again." "You can't fall in love again if you never fell out of it, my love." * My King. Mio Re. * In attempts to protect my only family, I pushed the love of my life away. It killed me, but I knew it killed him more. Now that I see him again, all the love and pain is rushing back and I can't stop it. He's not the man I once loved. I barely recognize this lifeless body that is somehow living. I broke him. I killed him. And I regret it. * A lot happens in four years. People change, circumstances change, feelings change, lovers change, but one thing remains the same. First love and pain. Secrets are kept hidden from the people they shouldn't be and new ones cave in, but when the thin veil is lifted from them, all hell is bound to break loose, especially in the mafia world where hell resides on earth. * Arie and Leo meet once again when they least expect to. The fire that once burned within, ignites back up with more fuel to add to it. The cravings, lust, and love is more powerful than it has ever been, but they're bound by relations and family to even look at one another. Two weeks is all they have to get through and then they don't have to see each other ever again. Hate is what they want to feel, but how can you hate someone you desperately love? She gets pulled back into the mafia world that she desperately wanted to escape, but the darkness and the man at the middle of it all are very alluring. Once you're in it, things are bounds to happen, relations are bound to break, people are bound to be killed, and family is bound to be saved or torn apart completely. MATURE CONTENT SUCH AS SEXUAL SCENES, FILTHY LANGUAGE, TRIGGERING MOMENTS, AND VIOLENCE.

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Mio Re (#...
by reetilicious