Iron Walls Star ||...
By kuramxchi
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"He's part of the iron wall, And she's the only one he let through." - He was on the volleyball team. She was the captain of the swimming team. - Aone. He's just... Aone. He may seem scary, but he's actually very kind and gentle, just a little scared himself. Hoshi. Her name means 'star' And is suits her, she's basically the star of the swimming pool. Hoshi has always seen Aone. Wether it be watching the volleyball practice, or on the train. Or even at the supermarket. She's always noticed him. And he's noticed her. You can't really call it 'meeting' each other, but they definitely notice each other. The first time they 'met', was on the train. After Hoshi was basically yelling this one retard that was bullying her best friend, Kikawa. The second time, was on the train home, when Hoshi fell asleep and Kikawa woke her up loudly with a laugh. But the third time was an actual meeting. That's when she decides to introduce herself to Aone. [ credit goes to Furudate Haurichi for all the characters from Haikyuu!! I should also mention that this story will contain swearing. Just a heads up before you start reading. ]

Chapter One [ Encounters ]

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Iron Wall...
by kuramxchi