The English Girl
By daisyofpomona
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The future is what worries 15 year old Cecilia Oliver the most. With the Second World War raging across the Channel and German Luftwaffe bombing nearby London, Cecilia is quite unsure if she'll even have a future, despite her Dad's reassurance that they'll be safe in the Dorset countryside. The only peace she's able to find is in nearby Chaney's Field and its abandoned barn, a haven for her to relax without the horrors of the outside world interfering. Or so she thinks. . . Bloody and exhausted after an almost fatal crash-landing, Captain Wolfgang von Bachenheim of the Luftwaffe has taken refuge in Cecilia's barn. With a broken arm, a sprained ankle, and lost in enemy territory, Cecilia is the only one who can help the injured enemy Captain, but should she? Giving someone a second chance is always difficult, especially when you don't believe they deserve one. Before she knows it, Cecilia is faced with a decision of which the consequences will not only effect her future, but the future of her family, friends, and even the future of her hated enemy. Question is, which choice should she make, because which is the right one? The tale of an enemy, a war, a choice, and an English girl. ✈ ✈ ✈ 1st Draft | Original Story © 2019 Maggie Etta

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The Engli...
by daisyofpomona