Warriors #4: Darkne...
By warriorcatlover345
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ThunderClan has lived moons in peace. The water is plentiful and the cats are strong. But, with the Dark Forest drawing closer and tragedies emerging, things are starting to go downhill. It all begins with Swiftkit. He is born as an innocent newcomer to the clan. He is strong and independent, but his morals quickly change when he is visited by the most hated cat in all of the Clans. ***DISCLAIMER*** The time gap between Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 is literally a YEAR, so, I must warn you that the cleanliness of Chapter 8 and onwards completely emulates the first seven chapters of this book. I certainly don't think that they are BAD, but I am definitely going to fix them up once I've got more time (just some little grammar tweaks, updating plot points, and fixing some dialogue). So, just keep that in mind when you read this. I hope you still enjoy! And also, just to respect Wattpad's guidelines, I will say, that as a Warriors book, there is the mildest of mild violence!

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by warriorcatlover345