Thorns And Roses
By heartlessnostalgia
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Watty's 2018: The Contemporaries Winner! Sandejas Siblings Fourth Installment: Z I D N E Y "Those who won't dare to touch the thorns should never crave the rose..." Zidney Agnieszka Sandejas experienced every hard, bad things at a young age. Separated from her family and having lost her memories, it was really awful. Having her new identity and family, she never felt at ease. Being chased, being called crazy and a killer. Then one night changes everything, waking up in a facility and seeing the most beautiful man she'd ever seen since then, the man who has those curvy thin lips, tousled dark brown hair and dreamy midnight eyes. He's her hero, the man who took her out of the darkness. That man who gave her the light of new hope and love but what if the light from the torch that man has made suddenly went out? What if that darkness comes back, making the delicate rose bleed and hurt? Will someone be able to touch the rose despite the pain the thorns will give? Book 4 of 4

Sandejas Siblings #4: Thorns And Roses

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Thorns An...
by heartlessnostalgia