Eternal Love; Yoonm...
By weebkpoplover
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'From beginning to end. Time continues to flow and the lines of their fates continue to cross. An entanglement of three lives and three worlds. Even Death cannot stop love' Yoongi, a crown prince Black Dragon from his kingdom who is the reincarnation of King Yun-Song from 1,000,000 years ago is 20,000 years of ages and is time for him to be marry. But when he think thing over, he ran into the forest in the middle of the night and was attacked by a Golden Lion. Afraid for his life, he was save by an White Nine-Tailed fox, their enemy but he save that there was kindness in the creature. With the help of the fox, Yoongi return back home but the next day, he return and he didn't see the nine tail fox but instead found a boy younger than his age name Jimin. Yoongi took him in and gave him a home but he start to feel suspicious about Jimin as he found Jimin walking in the middle of the night to the forest. What is Jimin hiding. What will Yoongi do. ©Lolitaproduction

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Eternal L...
by weebkpoplover