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Nobody was necessarily destined for evil. In young Albus Dumbledore's eyes, evil was but a label for a past of mistreatment and a future of poor decisions. But when he set his gaze on Tom Marvolo Riddle, he could've sworn something sinister lurked behind his ice blue eyes. It shifted into a darkness he had never encountered before. Dumbledore was rightfully cautious when approaching another girl from Wool's Orphanage. He swore to himself he wouldn't make the same mistake twice, but he later found out he needn't be worried at all. Unfortunately, he took a long time to realize this. Longer than he would care to admit. Lucille was brought to Wool's Orphanage with no last name, and that wasn't even the strangest part about her. She seemed to know things that nobody had told her, and she'd send a grown wizard fleeing in the opposite direction with an arch of her eyebrow. There was a similar power beyond her eyes, and it took a long time for people to understand whether it was light or dark. Her tale was one no other's could compare to. Not even the bravest of Gryffindors would hope to venture down the path of a twisted, little, huffily puffily girl.


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Huffily P...
by quizzlers