Love Hate Thing (In...
By prinsasslou
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**CERTAIN CHAPTERS ARE PRIVATE SO MUST FOLLOW ME TO READ EVERYTHING ENTIRELY** ''Hold me tight, let me go. Heal my heart, hurt my soul. Build me up, break me down. Make me smile, make me frown. ♫ '' ( Song ''Love Hate Thing'' by Wale ft. Sam Dew) - - Madison Graham is a black woman who is beautiful, smart, and responsible. She works as a private assistant for Lawrence Edwards, a white man who owns a very successful real estate company called ''Top Floor''. When Malcolm retires, his son Jacob comes to take his place. - Jacob Edwards is the son of Lawrence Edwards. He's flirty, smart, arrogant and extremely rich. When he comes back into town from a business trip he learns that his father is retiring and leaving the family business to him. Jacob will have full control of the company and full control of Madison Graham, his father's assistant. What's the problem? Madison and Jacob HATE each other but are forced to work together in order to keep the company from falling apart.Will sparks fly when put to the test or will the successful real estate company fail under Jacob's control?

Chapter 1

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Love Hate...
by prinsasslou