Hate Me Later (Lesb...
By HeatherDarte
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"Who I was forced to become is not who I was born to be." One girl is selected from each country to attend a world famous boarding school known for it's extremely talented students and amazing trips across the globe. So when Eleanor Hampton, an English pianist with crippling anxiety, is chosen it should be a one in a life time experience, right? Wrong. Making friends was easy but what is she supposed to do when her roommate, Lena Vokov, a Russian ballerina determined to turn her dream into a reality, hates her? Or does she? Both Eleanor and her roommate share troubled pasts but if they learn to trust each other then perhaps they can move beyond who they were forced to become and grow into who they were born to be. © 2017 by Heather Darte

1. Chosen

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Hate Me L...
by HeatherDarte