Quiet Grace 1st Dra...
By PatrickHarrison
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(ON HIATUS: Check back soon for the next installment!) Cerenae la'Orater always secretly wished she could be a princess. But she always wanted it to be in a more conventional way; like steal the heart of the Crown Prince for example. Only now her brother Cienn is telling her in her dreams that actually she already is a princess, destined to bring back magic to the throne of Sundast. This wasn't exactly what she had in mind. Cienn meanwhile is enjoying a new life in the Rebellion's heart, the hidden magical city of Rodari. He and his lover, Kourokain Admontan, are preparing for Cienn's triumphant return to Sundast's capital city when they receive a cryptic message from the Dragons of Dralt. Cienn and Kain must separate, Cienn to Loris, Kain to the Dragon's Paw Isles, to put into the motion the greatest upset in Sundast's modern history. Cerenae faces a choice. Does she go for the life she always thought she wanted, or stand with her family as the rightful ruler of her country? How will Cienn and Kain do so far apart after spending so much time together in delighted bliss? And what of the Dragons? What is their role? Get ready for the next exciting adventure in the land of Sundast!

Dramatis Personae

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Quiet Gra...
by PatrickHarrison