UnderWho: Enemies U...
By ThegirlheroWrites
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WARNING: IF YOU DONT LIKE UNFINISHED STORIES DO NOT READ. THIS WILL PROBABLY NEVER BE FINISHED, BUT I MIGHT AS WELL PUBLISH WHAT IVE DONE SO HERE IT IS. What would happen if Flowey teamed up with the Daleks and tried to defeat the Doctor once and for all? What if The Doctor, Sans and the rest of the gang teamed up to try to stop Flowey and the Daleks from destroying him and most likely the underground too? *** The Doctor's TARDIS had taken him to a parallel universe. He had no idea why. At this point he assumed it could be fate; if it existed. Something seemed wrong about the underground. Sure, it was filled with creatures he had never seen before, but he knew there was something strange going on. He was about to find out. I am using the 11th Doctor for this story. Also I don't own any of the characters. Undertale based characters belong to Toby Fox and Doctor Who characters belong to BBC. (Cover made and drawn by me) This is my AU of Undertale so some of the characters may be different or say things slightly out of character. Don't complain; it's an AU.


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by ThegirlheroWrites