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(I do not own the picture and it was made by FMgufa77, Error Sans, Undertale, any cartoon in this, or any AU in this unless stated. They belong to their respectful owners. I only own this story and my OC's. This is a bunch of AU's of my story 'Healing What Has Been Broken.', where things went down a bit differently as Error made some different choices in the chapter 'Breaking Things At Breakfast.') The moment he saw that there was another Ink, Error panicked and screamed. He should have known better that he would be safe in any AU, all Sanses and Papyruses were the same to him. They all wanted to break him, make him wish for the mercy of death that he can never have. But the second time is the charm, right? All the Monsters watched in horror as the broken Monster made a portal to the VOID, but before he could fall in, the children jumped into his arms, falling with him into the dark abyss. Ink and Skull had no idea what to do as the portal closed, all they could do was cry and pray that they will be fine. Destiny interfered once more, realizing that they had made a mistake. Error now has his reason to live, but that is not the same as healing and wanting it. How can he heal with so many faces that had hurt him before looking at him? How can he really let go when surrounded by the memories? So Destiny put Error and his children in a new Multiverse, one where it is different more then just personality for the others. Where the rules for SOULS and magic are different, the very foundation is different. Error immediately knows this is not his Multiverse...So what now? This is a bunch of One-Shots where Error, Null, and Void land in a different Multiverse after Error freaks out worse then he did before. Like the CEO, Jock and Nerd, and Vampireverse to name a few. They will be in parts, and some will take a more serious edge then others. Who falls for Error will be different every time. The same thing in each Multiverse is that they won't let Error go without a fight.


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by harrish6