Second Chance At Lo...
By IzzySaysHaii
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Ace never thought he see him again; Little "nerdy" Kade. Both from different worlds. Who would've thought that the popular guy was the one who had a liking on the guy not many noticed. Kade was never one to care on who liked or noticed him. He had more baggage on him than many his age probably did. He had to work two times harder than most to get where he wanted. So, he never really noticed the guy that observed him from afar. The popular guy; Ace. Years have passed and Ace still has that love he had for the wallflower in his high school. What can possibly happen when that same person shows up at Ace's office doors. Highest rank- # 229 in Romance 7-20-17 Cover photo by: vanishingwinter

Ace's P.O.V. 1

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Second Ch...
by IzzySaysHaii