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18 year-old Sinadine de-Arashi was never meant to live. Descended from an ancient line of female warriors that fell from the stars, her birth heralded a harrowing omen that demanded her throat be slit soon as she drew her first breath. Saved only by her mother's sacrifice, Sina longs to restore honor to her mother's name and prove herself worthy of her tribe. That she is not a harbinger of death and destruction. Regardless of what the stars foretold. But when news is received that the Emperor is dying, and an imperial escort is on its way to collect its tribute of Swordsworn to uphold a thousand year treaty of peace. Seizing the opportunity to free them of her curse, her aunt--and lead Matron of her tribe--demands Sina offer herself or face exile. Torn between dreams of glory and the call of duty, Sina must decide: will she sacrifice herself and serve the empire that enslaved them, or bring it crashing to its knees? AND I DARKEN with WONDER WOMAN flare

1 | We are Accharan--we do not bow

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