Games We Play
By Radhavi
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Victore Academy boarding school is many things. To the outside world, it's the heaven of schools. For some students, it's incredible education. For some athletes, it's the way to get noticed. For others, it's the peak of their lives and really as good as it's gonna get for them. For me - well, it varies. But before you go in, here's what you need to make note of: 1. Everyone has secrets. And money. It's hard to tell what more of honestly. 2. Don't get a room on the West Side of the girl's dorms. The birds near that private property lake house downside from the campus won't stop chirping at 5AM - it's a nightmare. 3. Avoid Mr. Labadee's classroom at all costs outside of class - especially past fifth period. It's better you're left in the dark with that one. 4. That Spanish asshole that terrorizes all the young freshmen is not hot. However, girls do make note of the fact that he works out post seventh period and right before first, near the track field. 5. The Victor's Tournament happens every year for all the senior year students. And it's a pretty big deal. 6. And I think Armin Rivers is probably going to kill someone before he wins it. [ ongoing | cover by soundthealarm ]

Games We Play

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Games We...
by Radhavi