Sunflower (Temporar...
By nikola-does-art
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Ophelia's life had been ordinary until she stumbled into Archer Blake- a Beta wolf, a shifter, her other half. With no previous knowledge of the supernatural world, she thought that the encounter would have been the end of it. After all, if he was destined to be hers then surely it was meant to be? Wrong. Archer Blake was many things but in love with her he was not. Already enamoured with his longtime girlfriend, Sarah, Ophelia is forced to face the worse end of the soul bond; rejection. Her mind can't take it and even after two years spent in an asylum meant for unwanted wolves, Ophelia still feels like she's too deep in deaths clutches to truly move on. Until Dani Fin comes along. His past is filled with a heavy sadness that makes Opehlia's life look like sunshine and rainbows. And yet Dani thinks that Ophelia is his salvation, a second chance at fighting the lonely place of death. But it never is that simple. Dani's past comes back to haunt him and endangers everything Opehlia has ever cared about, including her true mate. Choices have to be made and only one half can be left standing. Who will it be? *THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT.*

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by nikola-does-art