Deadly Love Ereri (...
By x_omegalevi
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This world is cruel . We live among Vampires and they won't hesitate to kill you. "Help!" My head shoots up as a women screams. I turn around and start running towards the crys for help. I turn into a alleyway and see a short raven haired man pinning a women against the wall. "I just need my dinner~ It won't hurt I promise~" His voice was deep and he licked the women's neck. "P-please help..." "Stop!" I yell. The "man" turns and comes at me with his super human speed. The women runs away crying. "Mmm you smell nice~" He licks my neck and pulls back in pain. "What the hell?" He growled. I pulled the necklace out from shirt and show it to him. "Tch. I'm not done with you."

Chapter 1

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Deadly Lo...
by x_omegalevi