Born To Die ~Clato~
By Dauntless_Careers
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Clove Sevina. 17 years old, with a troubled past. Born and raised in District Two. Trained to fight. Expert with knives, and pretty damn good with other sorts of deadly weapons. She's determined to win, following in her parents' and brother's footsteps. She needs to win, both for her own legacy and for her little brother's safety. Cato Hadley. 18 years old, nothing can stop him. This is his last year to win a Game. His brothers both have won, his little sister will follow if, and when she's reaped. Her first year, he's determined to keep her alive if he has to. He'd rather be the one at the end of the sword than his petite sister. He was the 'perfect Career', strong, smart and brave. But he was missing something important. Someone, rather. What happens when the 'Girl Who Played With Knives' and 'Brutal, Bloody, Cato' are thrown into the seventy-fourth Hunger Games? Will they soon be at each other's throats? Or will they find comfort in each others' presence? I'm not the best at intros to books, but I'd like to say I'm good at writing them...

Chapter 1: The Begining of the Madness

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Born To D...
by Dauntless_Careers