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Adelaide Emerson. Sound familiar? probably not. This is because Adelaide is the invisible girl, the one who you walk by everyday but never notice. But that's exactly what she wants, to be invisible. why you may ask? because Adelaide is afraid of love after the accident. Her parents abandoned her to be raised by the Lylife pack (pronounced lie-life), a medium sized pack of close knit people yet Adelaide doesn't feel she belongs. Elijah Daniels. Even if you don't know him you better act like you do. Soon to be alpha of the Riverson pack, only the largest pack in America. Elijah wants nothing more than to live out his last years of freedom having fun, knowing that as soon as he does find his mate he'll have to take over position of the alpha. This doesn't worry Elijah much though, knowing that Alpha wolves don't ever find their mates any younger than 23. But what happens when Adelaide 'tags' along with her brother, the alpha of the Lylife pack, to help train warriors in the Riverson pack? What about when she finds out her mate is the soon to be alpha? When they both realize that Adelaide is 17 and Elijah 19 making the the youngest alphas in history? Looks like they're in for one wild ride.

Where It All Begins

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by IHateYouBish2659