Duty-Bound [ Lore o...
By MinaParkes
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THE STARS HAVE FALLEN. Return to the Holy City in the sequel to Blood-Bound. **Warning** Spoilers follow for those who have not read Blood-Bound! Check out the first book in the Lore of Penrua trilogy before reading further. All is not well in the Holy City. Lady Mhera and Matei u Rhodana, the Rebel King, returned to Karelin to end a war with their sacrifice. In so doing, they tore down an era of secrets and lies. Now, they must restore order to the realm, challenged at every turn by others--and even by one another. Their struggle has just begun, and Mhera and Matei are ill-equipped for the burden that has been thrust upon them. Once again set on a path very different from the one they would have chosen for themselves, they must choose between their desires...and their duty.


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by MinaParkes