We Can't, You're My...
By TheNameIsAubree
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A.U. Fan Fiction ♥ "We can't d-do this. Y-your my brother," I said. "Step," he corrected. "Step brother. We aren't related by blood." He brushed his lips over mine and started grinding his hips against me. He smirked. "Plus, you know you want me." "N-no I don't," I lied. He chuckled. "You're a bad liar, Joy," he said, before kissing me. We both pulled away when we heard a gasp. Oh shit... ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Let me Introduce myself. My name is Mackenzie Nicole Fay. There's nothing really special about me. I'm your typical teenager. I'm fun, out-going, caring, really sarcastic. I love to listen to music. I use to take gymnastics. That's pretty much it. Ooh... did I forget to mention that... I think I'm in love with my step brother. {Has been posted since April 18, 2014. Didn't start really writng till Jan 13, 2016, as in recurring updates}

We Can't, You're My Step Brother!? {Coming In 2014}

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We Can't...
by TheNameIsAubree