Tantalizing Hopes
By TheTemporaryWayfarer
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She whirls around like a breath of fresh air Spreading smiles to all those around! She is witty and also commanding - a combo That's very rare to be found. She has a sunny temperament And sports a smile all day long. She trudges on in life with extreme effort And the belief that she is quite strong. People look at her smile and see a common girl. They overlook the desolateness in her eyes. While each day she wars a battle within And comforts herself by weaving a web of lies. There is always an endless abyss inside her, A hollowness which claws her heart out. She yearns for a companion to lean on, Someone to support her in times of drought! Sadly, life has absolutely naught to offer So she wipes her tears and gulps her sorrows away. She gets up, dusts her back, prepares herself To solely face another day. You couldn't bully reality And it would most definitely not comply. It's upto you to understand that there is more to things Than what just meets your eye! Be careful not to get carried away By the fake smile she most often wears. In reality, the sunny glow of her smile Only reflects the depth of her inner scars! __________________________ Follow the journey of Ibrahim and Zahra as they forego their inhibitions, insecurities and finally, fall in love! ( Sequel to Shimmering Love but can be read separately. However, it's best that you read SL before you start on this =) ) Cover credits @BlackRedHeart

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by TheTemporaryWayfarer