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[1] The Fighter (Finnick Odair) [1] -- The rewrite of this story. The Granite family have no luck in life. They constantly battle every day struggles of living in District 5 as well as the constant fears of the Hunger Games. Three of the five children entered the Hunger Games and none of them survived. When Luke, the only living son survived his games the family were overjoyed. But the threat of the youngest was constant. They were terrified that something would happen. No one wanted her to be entered in the games in fear it would ruin her innocence. She only had two entries years. Would she make it through or would she be reaped in the games? "Us Granite's we don't grow attached, less people get hurt that way. I'd rather love no one than watch the ones I love suffer" "No one is ever truly prepared for the hunger games, not even the careers. I'll tell you why because no two games are ever the same" "Some people believe that admitting your scared or nervous means your weak but it really means your human" "Expect the unexpected because I have nothing to lose. I'm not afraid of death because everybody is going to die someday. I just don't plan on dying soon" (This Book takes place in the 72nd Games and leads up to events before Catching Fire. There will be changes. Also People are allowed to travel around Panem, by Train, but it costs a lot of money, so only rich people, mainly Victors travel).


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