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Being the daughter of the most powerful people in the country places a high societal value on Octavia. The glamour of this public-placed status wore off for her years ago as tragedy after tragedy has followed Octavia because of it. But the glamour never wore off for the Chrome Rebellion. They take advantage of it when they abduct her and her friends from an underground party. Adding to her tragedies, Octavia must survive being the prisoner of the most unstable person in the country and survive the ramifications of her ransom - a more daunting task than she realizes. Shard, the head of the Chrome Rebellion and Octavia's handler, keeps her ransom a secret from her and almost everyone. Most of his Chromies do not even know her ransom price. Truth is always a high price to pay for freedom but is the path to it. ~New Adult ~Dystopian ~Thriller ~Drama -------------------- Thank you so much for checking out Shards. This was originally a short story, but ever since I finished it, I thought about expanding on it, and now I am. I plan on making this my first not-short story. Don't be afraid to leave a comment and/or a vote. I'd love to hear from you! I hope you enjoy \^.^/ Updates to Shard may be a bit wonky especially when the semester is in because classes gotta come first (as much as I wish they didn't), and I'm still in the writing process for Shards. But it will be my goal/hope to update once a week.

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