The Human Zoo (1)
By rocazella
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Priya, that's my name, and I'm an inmate at this wretched place. An oasis of fun your people call it. A prison of cages it's known to mine. I'm not sure what else one would call a human zoo run by humans, though, inhumane is a good place to start. But I guess that's why you came into my world, Jax, to tell us what qualifies as a human to the real world, your world. The one outside of these walls caging us in. Well, we welcome you to our home, son of zoo tycoon owner. Please don't forget though as animals we do bite. ----------------------------- If you want, take a listen to the playlist I listen to while I write! The link is below: CAGED - THE HUMAN ZOO by K.J. ROCAZELLA Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1 - Priya

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The Human...
by rocazella