Unexpected Twists (...
By twistercas
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***!!! THIS STORY IS UNFINISHED AND I WILL NOT BE FINISHING IT. SORRY. I JUST HATE IT !!!*** This is the story of Jocelyn Elwood. Now, Jocelyn used to be a pretty ordinary girl. Despite the fact that she was an orphan. She had a good childhood, she grew up very happy. She had tons of friends and the couple that ran the orphan home were like her parents. And for the rare times she was sad, she had Supernatural. She and her best friends, Wren and Lainey, discovered the show when they were 15. She fell in love with the characters and she and the girls have been crazy about it and very dedicated for 4 years. So, when they finally saved the money to visit the set of the show, it's pretty much a given that they were totally freaking. But never in a million years would Jocelyn have guessed that this trip to Canada would change her life forever. I mean, falling through some sort of portal to a world where her favorite Hunters are real? That's unbelievable by itself. But very soon, Jocelyn and the Winchesters become very close. She becomes a part of their lives in ways she would never think were possible. Who would have thought this could happen to ordinary Jocelyn Elwood. And the story of this girl from suburban Pennsylvania is one filled with unexpected twists.


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by twistercas