Claiming Nathan (Bx...
By AdriaMenthe
  • Romance
  • bdsm
  • bxb
  • club
  • forbidden
  • gay
  • master
  • slave
  • submissive
  • vampire


(Previously known as OWNED) Sebastian couldn’t find the man in the club, and it wasn’t due to lack of trying. He grunted in frustration and punched a wall next to a bar, feeling it bend with the excessive force. “God damn it!” He growled, trying to restrain his irritation. How dare he disappear? “Woah, Seb. What has gotten into you?” Hadley approached Sebastian, a towel slung over her left shoulder and her pink hair piled high on top of her head in a ponytail. The woman was the only co worker that he could stand, and right now, even she was getting on his nerves. “Sebastian, talk to me.” He growled at her, but knew that the werewolf meant well. He took a deep breath and turned to her, his blue eyes blazing. “Have you seen a man? He has golden eyes, and blonde hair that spills down his back in waves. I think it reached his lower back. I didn’t get a good look at the rest of him.” “Seb, it sounds like you got more than a look at him.” Hadley teased him, knowing that she was playing with fire. She knew that the vampire was stressed, and that the only way to keep him from destroying the club searching for that man, was to give up the poor boy’s location. She sighed heavily. “The last time I saw him, he had rented a private room on the third floor.” Sebastian quickly turned on his heel, ignoring Hadley’s warning. “I suggest you don’t go, Seb! He could be with someone.” Sebastian didn’t care. As far as he was concerned, that boy was his. Maybe not forever, but tonight, he was going to rock the human’s world.


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by AdriaMenthe