Sound Effects and O...
By SE-GhoulScout
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Already over a month had been spent crammed into the tour buses like tins of human sardines and it was starting to get to everyone, even those who loved tour life. They were musicians and this is what they lived for, but there was a limit. This tour was different - it was so much more intense, relentless, and draining, and some of the most fun Bert had had on any tour so far. Days off were rare and hotel nights were non-existent, so it was up to the individual to make the best of their time off and what little personal space they had on the tour buses. This was easier said than done when the bunks felt like caskets and the seats were only just big enough to seat everyone at breakfast, but somehow tonight the stars had aligned in a weird kind of way. ---*--- A Gerbert oneshot. Beta read by Beckett/cemterydrive on tumblr. Dedicated to the gerbertfucker420 squad. TW: Drug use/intoxication, vomiting.


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Sound Eff...
by SE-GhoulScout