The Wild Court
By Lashrita
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"What will you do when I drown this world in darkness, when I drown it with my sins. What will you do? The devil craves my seduction and demons shiver at the mere mention of my name. The gods beg for a mere minute of my attention. I am the temptations that you hear at night whispering of lustrous desires that you so badly crave to commit. I am no longer the pureness that you sought after, no darling l've become the darkness that you ache to be. I am everything that you want to be but can't be." MARK MY WORDS, YOU WILL DROWN IN MY WRATH, WITHER IN AGONY FROM MY RAGE, YOUR SWEET LIPS WILL TURN COLD FROM FEAR, YOUR BODY WILL QUAKE FROM MY FURY. MY VENGEANCE WILL STAIN YOUR SOUL FOR ETERNITY. I WILL QUENCH MY THIRST FOR REVENGE AND WHEN I DO YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR SINS. She will complete her mission from the gods. She will protect the gifts given to her. She will save her land from his sins. She will save herself because she was crafted from the gods themselves, born to give salvation, born to give freedom, born to be the sweet child of the gods but she no longer remains in this world as the form the gods gave her. In order to defeat a beast, you must become a monster yourself.

A U T H O R S - N O T E

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The Wild...
by Lashrita