His Freedom (Book 2...
By KaylaNashhh
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Book 2 of "Her Freedom" May be confusing if book 1 isn't read. "See that's where the bad news comes in-" "Is Lahlani's hurt? Something bad happened to her while I was gone?!" I hear him say as his voice cracked several times. "No well yes but.. Oh dear God Nathan let me talk... I'm so sorry to tell You this but... Well a few weeks after you left Lahlani's ex-husband showed up here in town. But don't freak out. Cause well he did not get very far with her because their was an accident." "Accident!? what do you mean accident? What happened? Is Lahlani okay?" I can already hear his voice cracking several times. "Lahlani and her ex-husband were in a car accident. Her heart stopped . She was gone for at least 7 minuets. They couldn't find a pulse." SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 #69 GENERAL FICTION SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 #50 GENERAL FICTION NOVEMBER 21, 2017 #46 GENERAL FICTION


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His Freed...
by KaylaNashhh